Traditional Project Management vs. Agile Project Management: Week 5

I love how everyone assumes that the project manager – ME – already knows everything.  I can only wish I was omniscient.

  • It is assumed that I know everyone who is responsible for certain test areas.  When I don’t and I ask who these people are, I am met with the “duh” look and a brief pause before they answer.  
  • It is assumed that I know exactly where to go to get past test scripts and documents, and it is assumed that I will search out said documents for the team… when THEY know where to get them to begin with.  
  • It is assumed that I know everyone’s schedules and need to set up meetings according to my omniscience.  No. I will not rearrange everyone else’s schedule for one person, so please stop asking me to.  
  • It is assumed that I already know that the project is going to be late.  My spidey senses tell me this, but as of now I have no empirical data to prove it.

These are just a few examples.  I CANNOT wait for my daily stand-ups to begin with this team! I’ll at least have SOME idea what everyone is working on.


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