Traditional Project Management vs. Agile Project Management: Week 4

So in my current role of PM, I’m experiencing the NEED to babysit EVERYONE on this project far more than I have in the past as a Scrum Master.  Here are some examples:

  • No one is sharing information even after I’ve requested it.  I have to pull it from them.  For instance, I had no idea that two of my “testers” were even available for my team.  I find myself digging for documents after I’ve asked people to share them, too.  
  • Expectations are completely unclear.  For instance, I just learned that I – as in ME – need to put together a test plan.  For you traditional PMs out there this probably isn’t new for you, but I’ve never done this before.  Why?  Because I had self-organizing, cross-functional teams that took it upon themselves to take care of this crucial tidbit.  Now I get the unsavory task of asking everyone to document what they’re doing so far.  
  • Communication seems incredibly stifled since we don’t yet have daily stand-ups.  For instance, dates (such as whether or not we’ll have to work over the 4th of July weekend) have been up the air for at least two weeks. AND dare I mention the tester availability thing again?    
What are some differences you’ve noticed and how did you manage them?  I’m feeling like a fish out of water in this more waterfall type of environment (yes. pun intended.)


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