What is it like being married to an agile coach, anyway?

On 03/11/14 7:31 AM, Robert Neil wrote: 

Do you do private agile training? I think being agile is very important when participating in projects that require difficult positions.I would like you to show me how to properly scrum my wife. As a coach would you actually assist, or just give verbal advice during the “meeting”? Thanks for your time, and consideration.

You are now one step closer to being a Companion from FireFly.
This looks good, I would hire you.

On 03/11/14 7:49 AM, Amy Neil wrote: 

Dear Mr. Neil, 

Yes, I’m available for ALL kinds of coaching. Let’s meet to discuss. 

Best regards, 
Amy Neil 
Agile Coach extraordinaire. 

On 03/12/14 10:11 AM, Robert Neil wrote: 

Excellent. Hope I can afford your extraordinary skill set. 


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