Hello and welcome to my first blog post on Scrum Bubbles!  I know there are LOADS of scrum resources out there, so thanks for stopping by.

Let me start by telling you why I decided to join the hoards of scrum blogs.  I love being a scrum master.  Pure and simple.  I love to keep teams moving forward and all the interaction that entails.  I’m hoping that my love of people will bubble into my posts and help you see how to ALWAYS look at the human element in what we do as scrum masters.

What will I share, you ask?  I’m going to share my ups and downs with you.  I’ll share best practices (and not so best ones) and detail training I’m getting.  I’ll look at trends in the community.  I hope we can share laughter and thoughts.  I hope to not only give you ideas but to encourage you to give your ideas as well.  I want us to share in a common pool of knowledge and help one another.  So… what do you say?  Are you in?


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